Trends For The App In The Coming Years

In addition to being trained, the application developer must be aware of the main trends for the coming years. One of them is the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in apps. In short, we are talking about technologies that allow the software to learn from its 

performance and continuously evolve.

Apps that use voice recognition — like iOS’ Siri — are good examples of technology built on these concepts. Likewise, the so-called wearables are also gaining prominence. If the name isn’t familiar, we’re talking about peripheral devices such as smartwatches (smartwatches).

They exchange information with the smartphone in real-time to synchronize data and extend the device’s functionality. Health and physical activity monitoring apps are two examples of products that integrate these technologies.

See below for more trends that will stand out in the app market:

  • chatbots — virtual robots that talk to the user to provide information or refer them to different services;
  • virtual and augmented reality — technology that expands user perception and brings the physical world closer to the virtual;
  • virtual wallets – integrated payment systems or apps banks without physical agency (fintech);
  • cloud integration — applications that work with online databases;
  • instant apps — very lightweight apps that launch without the need to download;
  • cybersecurity — applications aimed at protecting the operating system and user data;
  • responsive design — software architecture that allows the application to adapt to the characteristics of each device;
  • on-demand apps — custom platforms with functionality and pricing that vary according to user demand.

The Future Of Apps In The Age Of Digital Transformation

We live in a moment of digitization of our daily activities. As we’ve highlighted, we don’t just use the virtual environment to shop and play — many professions have emerged thanks to the invention of apps. Just look, for example, at how the transportation industry has changed with the emergence of Uber and Blablacar. Check for Dell PowerEdge T640

Broadly, there are four main categories of apps:

  • services;
  • information;
  • Communication;
  • training.