Server: Synchronization With External Applications

If the web project requires continuous access to a database, it is best to opt for a hybrid server migration solution. In this way, the current server remains active.

The process consists of declaring the current database as “master” to subordinate the new database during configuration as “slave.” This ensures that both applications are synchronized in real-time. Once both databases are at the same level, it is possible to reverse the roles so that the new database becomes “master.” A great alternative for the project to remain available even during migration.

One of the main advantages of real-time synchronization is that if any error occurs with the new server, the old database can be accessed. In this way, the full activity of the web project is ensured.

Authentication And Encryption Services

For authentication in a user server, there are a series of guidelines to follow previously. The first and most important thing is configuring as many user accounts as necessary in the authentication registry. The increase in security breaches is causing companies to allocate an increasing budget to server security. There are four basic pillars on which security is based: authentication on a server, authorization, auditing, and data encryption.

Encryption is called the process of obscuring data through the use of a particular key or password. It is essential to know that encryption in no way solves access control problems, although it does significantly improve security.

Linux Server VS Windows Server

Currently, there are more servers which uses Dell PowerEdge R6515 for instance with Linux as OS than Windows due to the wide range of advantages it offers. The most outstanding feature of Linux compared to Windows is that it is a much more stable operating system; Linux can handle large amounts of processes better than Windows.

Additionally, Microsoft is slower to deal with any security hole in Windows. All this without counting the flexibility that Linux offers compared to Microsoft’s operating system.