iPhone Flashlight Not Working – Simple Homemade Solutions To Follow

If there is one facility that iPhone is known for then that has to be its flashlight. It is pretty handy especially if you are strolling down the road, which is pitch dark or so. Whether the flashlight won’t turn or maybe the light that is coming from the screen is not bright enough to see in darker conditions, you need to focus on the fixes then. So, if you think that your iPhone Flashlight Not Working, it is time to look for some of the possible solutions then. The steps are simple and you can do that at your place. No need to call technical gurus to the rescue.

Charge the device first:

In case the flashlight of the iPhone is not working, then you better check the battery first. If the battery life is drained completely, you won’t be able to power up the screen. So, the simple fix to that is by charging the phone and then you can start using the flashlight as it was meant to be. A dead battery might even prevent you from activating the Low Power Mode. It will cause error message. So, plug the device and see if it is charging. If it is, then you know where the issue has been.

Close the camera app on the iPhone:

In case the flashlight isn’t operating like it used to be, then that’s a sign to close the other apps on the phone, including the camera app, if there is any. For that, you have to double click the home button until you have gotten to main screen with the icons for every app installed. Then you have to slide the apps that are open to start the jiggling and then look like they were all closed. If the apps are not closing automatically, press and hold it down until red close button comes up and then release it.