4 Different Types Of Magazines Size That You Should Know Before Playing Apex Legends

Get ready to experience the natural feature of such a fantastic game called Apex Legends. You have multiple options of weapons from which you can easily choose a better option always. Therefore, simply use light machine guns, AR guns, Marksman weapons, and many other options that are being famous in the game. It would be really an excellent opportunity for you to check out various options that can be really wonderful for you. Apex Legends Hacks allow you to figure out your opponent’s health, ammo status, targets, and many other things.

Magazine size 

You should check out the capacity of the ammo that you should check quickly. Even it can be increased using Extended Mag attachments, but the attachment is different for each ammo type that you should always check out. Here you should check out all those types of magazine sizes –

  1. The extended Light mag is only for the weapons that used for the light rounds.
  2. If you have the heavy rounds, then you should use only the extended heavy mag for weapons.
  3. As far as using the Sniper ammo, then it is essential to use the extended sniper Mag for a weapon that can be best.
  4. Extended energy mag for weapons can be used for equipping energy ammo to expect the L-star EMG.

By checking all these great options, gamers can easily decide to play games wisely that can be really valuable for them. You should learn the use of the tremendous and mind-blowing option that can be really effective for gamers.

Muzzle Flash 

Expect for Hitscan weapons, whose projectiles quickly go where the weapons that are pointed at, all the weapons bullets and other projectiles that take the various amount of time to travel a set distance. It is considered the most advanced option for you. Therefore, the speed at which these bullets and projectiles travel is calculated in units per second, where 40 units that are similar and unique to one meter. By reading the reviews online, you can easily collect information about the muzzle flash and other things online.


Check out the amount of physical recoil per shots that should be compensated for, so it can be reduced with a barrel stabilizer. People should read everything about recoiling and other things that can be really effective for them. It is considered the most advanced option that you should check out before playing the game. If we talk about the RPM acceleration, then devotion LMG features a unique mechanic, which causes its rate of fire in order to begin slowly and accelerate to full speed over a short period.


As far as HAVOC Rifle features that are unique mechanics where the weapons go through a short wind-up period of time before they start firing. Even it can also be possible to remove with the Turbocharger, so it is considered as the most dedicated option for you.